Flatbed / Stepdeck

Flatbed / Stepdeck

DiLullo Transport, Inc. provides flatbed, stepdeck and lowboy transportation services for a variety customers and industries throughout the country.

Not all freight fits in standard dry van and you need a trustworthy partner to take care of your specific freight needs.  Schedule your pickup or delivery with just one call to our experienced staff and you will immediately realize you made the best decision and can trust the expertise and professionalism of DiLullo Transport, Inc. to deliver your specialized cargo in a safe and efficient manner.

Trucking added the most jobs of any transportation sector in 2013; demand expected to grow by 21% through 2020. Unlike many other companies, our drivers do not jump from carrier to carrier.  DiLullo Transport, Inc. is a true family and it is proven with an extremely low turnover rate.  Flatbed trucking companies see 90-110% turnover annually, but not at DiLullo Transport, Inc.  Our company is a place where every employee can feel valued as an individual who has goals and priorities outside of the workplace. This is the difference with DiLullo Transport, Inc. and why our drivers are some of the most professional and reliable in the industry and feel personally responsible for our customer’s cargo.

At DiLullo Transport, Inc. we provide local, regional or long haul flatbed, stepdeck and lowboy transportation services.  Top-notch securement and safety is our priority and we make sure that your shipment is protected and has the right sized tarps and the proper tie downs for the job.

  • Reliable on-time delivery
  • Competitive quotes
  • Safety is top-priority
  • Professional drivers
  • Top-notch Securement
  • Local. Regional. or Long-Haul




DiLullo Transport, Inc. provides service to a variety of businesses with the various types of equipment we have available to meet the needs of our customers.


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